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Fuck Fucking Baseball

2017-03-21 18:08:31 by Luigi2006

I HATE BASEBALL.Why?You might think.Why do i hate baseball?CAUSE I GOT HIT BY A FUCKEN BASEBALL PLAYERS BAT.THATS why.And i hate football.What you gonna do about EH?


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2017-03-21 18:13:27

What are you gonna do about being a whiny 10 year old kid?

Luigi2006 responds:

Lol I dont care.I may be a really easy to anger guy.BUT DONT THINK IM EASY TO FIGHT WITH


2017-03-21 19:14:52

Ow I got hit by a book, I hate libraries now :<

(Updated ) Luigi2006 responds:

How the hell did you get hit by a book?Ah not my problem


2017-03-21 22:58:27

k then, yer loss


2017-03-24 22:01:59

It's not my damn problem you got hit by a baseball bat, either.